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Workers Compensation.

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From the beginning, the goal of PRI has been to provide carefully researched information to medical professionals and particularly to State Medical Societies. In most cases, the PRI information was helpful in either supporting or opposing legislative and regulatory proposals in a particular state.

In 2016, PRI began researching the workers’ compensation “reforms” that were being proposed in almost every state by the insurance industry and which took the form of depriving physicians of autonomy in treating their workers’ compensation patients. As it turned out, the so-called “reforms” were being justified by reference to studies issued by groups such as the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) and similar organizations. The problem was that the “studies” were not in fact correct. In fact, the “studies” were so flawed that the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission publicly acknowledged the flaws. For a detailed analysis of the problems with the various “studies,” see Insurance Funded Research.

Below is a sample of PRI’s postings on workers’ compensation issues.

Insurance Funded Research

One of the principal threats to physician autonomy comes from the current activities of workers’ compensation insurers in restricting the therapy that a doctor can offer to an injured worker or limiting the medicines that a doctor may dispense from his or her office.

Independent Analysis

Truly independent groups in examining the workers’ compensation system have reached the same conclusions as PRI.

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